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Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine, 4e Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine, 4e 2015 BMA Medical Book Awards Highly Commended in Surgery Category! Now fully revised and updated, Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine provides clear and consistent coverage of this rapidly evolving specialty. Building on the success of previous editions, it covers all the major topics that present to the trainee doctor in the emergency department. It will also prove invaluable to the range of other professionals working in this setting - including nurse specialists and paramedics - who require concise, highly practical guidance, incorporating latest best practice and current guidelines. For the first time this edition now comes with a complete and enhanced electronic version, providing a richer learning experience and making rapid reference easier than ever before, anytime, anywhere.
Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, 2e Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, 2e The latest edition of the acclaimed, comprehensive postgraduate textbook in paediatric emergency medicine, giving clear and concise coverage of all the major topics that present in this field. A standard text for trainees and residents but also an invaluable, up-to-date resource for all those involved in the provision of emergency care to children.
ECG in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care ECG in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care ECG in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care provides a comprehensive, clinically relevant resource on electrocardiography for those who care for patients in the emergency setting. The book provides succinct information on ECG abnormalities and their etiologic differential diagnoses; diagnostic criteria for the ECG manifestations of various clinical diseases/ entities; and many 12-lead ECG examples for review.
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine with the 18th edition, harrison's principles of internal medicine retains its standing as a definitive clinical reference and remains an outstanding foundation for any physician or physician-in-training. in many regards, harrison’s remains synonymous not just with internal medicine but with medicine in general. the editors of the 18th edition have skillfully balanced tradition with the desire and need for innovation. the result is a book that remains as fundamental to current medical practice as the first edition was in 1949.
ECG's for the Emergency Physician 1 ECG's for the Emergency Physician 1 With over 200 traces to test your knowledge, this book is a first class learning tool for emergency physicians. Basic student-level knowledge of ECGs is assumed, so the reader can move directly to learning about the more complex traces that occur in the emergency department. The level of difficulty is stratified into two sections for specialists in training and specialist emergency physicians. A minimum amount of information is given beneath each trace, as if in the real situation. The full clinical description is printed in a separate section to avoid the temptation of “looking”. Accompanied by learning points, and with the cases presented randomly, this book provides a rich source of information on the interpretation of ECGs – a core skill for all emergency department staff.
ECGs for the Emergency Physician 2 ECGs for the Emergency Physician 2 This extension to the popular ECGs for the Emergency Physician Volume 1 continues to provide the emergency health care provider with outstanding practical and emergency medicine-relevant teaching of a life-saving skill: emergency electrocardiography interpretation. This volume can be used individually or paired with Volume 1 to present one of the most comprehensive and educational ECG collections ever assembled for emergency physicians and other acute health care providers.
Oh's Intensive Care Manual: Expert Consult: Online and Print, 7e "Oh’s Intensive Care Manual would represent a solid addition to any anesthesia departmental library as a resource or study aid." By Canadian Journal of Anesthesia, Apr 2015.
Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, Seventh Edition "Collectively, they have once again produced an excellent text that manages to cover the broad scope of emergency medicine while remaining an easily readable and practical resource....Last, for the inevitable comparison of this current edition of Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine with other available emergency medicine textbooks available: in my opinion, Tintinalli’s still comes out on top. It is more concise and easier to read than some, yet it covers the breadth of emergency medicine practice more comprehensively than others. The bottom line is that I like this book. Just as previous editions did, the seventh presents all of the most pertinent and up-to-date information in a well-organized format that is comprehensive yet easy to read. That and many of the attractive new features in this current edition will ensure its place on my bookshelf for years to come." --JAMA
(2-Volume Set) Rosen's Emergency Medicine - Concepts and Clinical Practice : Expert Consult Premium Edition - Enhanced Online Features and Print, 8e Rely on Rosen's Emergency Medicine for the latest answers on every facet of emergency medicine practice. For decades, this medical reference book has set the standard in emergency medicine, offering unparalleled comprehensiveness, clarity, and authority - to help you put the latest and best knowledge to work for your patients in the ER.
Toxicology Handbook, 2e An updated guide to the approach, assessment and management of poisoned patients Poisoning is a common emergency department presentation, and is the third major cause of hospital admission in Australia. The new edition of this all-encompassing toxicology reference describes the risk assessment-based approach pioneered by its principal authors. The Toxicology Handbook is written for hospital-based doctors at all levels and is divided into six sections, including an approach to the poisoned patient, specific toxins, antidotes, toxinology and antivenom. It also deals with specific toxicology considerations like alcohol abuse, dependence and withdrawal, and poisoning in children and the elderly. Important locally relevant information on bites, stings and envenoming is also included. The concise layout of this didactic medical guide enables readers to quickly locate required information - essential in a poisoning emergency. Established as a primary reference in Australian Poisons Information Centres, the Toxicology Handbook is useful for doctors, nurses, ambulance service paramedics and pharmacists alike.
Emergency Medicine MCQs, 1e An invaluable self-assessment tool for emergency medicine trainees in Australasia.
Emergency Medicine MCQs is an essential resource for Australasia’s emergency medicine trainees.
A practical self-assessment tool, the book assists trainees as they expand and refine their knowledge of emergency medicine, and will ultimately help them pass the Australasian Emergency Medicine Fellowship examination (FACEM).
The Emergency Medicine Manual A comprehensive Emergency Medicine resource packed with useful information. Concise and to the point to help practicing clinicians find what they need quickly. Ideal study guide for emergency medicine specialists in training. The 6th Edition was released in February 2015. - See more at: