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"To PE or not to PE, that is the question..."
Ruling out Pulmonary Embolism

Harriet Jennings 17 January 2016

Can pain on palpation rule out PE?
Presence of chest wall tenderness reduces the likelihood of PE but CANNOT be used to rule out the diagnosis.
Chest wall tenderness in the presence of a PE could be explained by...


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“You’ll Never Walk Alone”
Why Lone Studying Does Not Work

Laura Joyce 12 January 2016

Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I sat at my desk and slowly trawled my way through the mighty tomes of Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Netter and other delights...

Group Learning

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In-Situ Simulation
Christchurch ED In-Situ simulation training has started!

Laura Joyce 5 January 2016

Some of you will have already experienced a guerilla sim – these are happening unannounced, anywhere, anytime, and include anyone working on that particular shift...


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Edge 100 Day Challenge

EDGE 100 Day Challenge

What is the EDGE Challenge?

The EDGE Challenge is the 100 day "ED Get Exercising" Team Challenge.

The Challenge runs from 1st February to 10th May 2016.


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"If you want to know how we practiced medicine 5 years ago, read a textbook."

"If you want to know how we practiced medicine 2 years ago, read a journal."

"If you want to know how we practice medicine now, go to a (good) conference."

"If you want to know how we will practice medicine in the future, listen in the hallways and use FOAM."

— from International EM Education Efforts & E-Learning by Joe Lex 2012

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